ChildPlace Health & Safety: A child protection risk management program for your organisation

Many organisations interact with children and minors as employees, customers, passive customers accompanying an adult and now more often, engaging with them online.

Every organisation that has responsibility for the care, education, or employment of minors will almost certainly assume a duty of care towards those minors.  These organisations have a higher duty of care to a child than an adult, as children are incapable at law of holding and exercising the full legal rights and responsibilities of adults.

In recent years, Australian organisations have increased their focus on preventing Workplace Health & Safety incidents.  This affords some measure of protection for children and adults alike, but does not address some risks specific to children including the particularly confronting issue of child sexual assault. By not understanding or managing child protection risks, an organisation could be held to account for their actions or inactions.

To address this issue, Bravehearts and EY have formed an alliance to help organisations work to better protect children.  Together we bring you ChildPlace Health & Safety ("ChildPlace"), a risk management initiative, set to shift the way organisations protect children from sexual assault and which we believe is the next generation of Workplace Health & Safety. 

ChildPlace combines Bravehearts' experience as a leading child protection advocate and EY's established ability to help organisations identify and manage risk.  It embodies our respective visions of making 'Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child' and 'building a better working world.'

ChildPlace is designed to assist organisations of any type and size to:

  • Address structural and cultural gaps that create opportunities for child sexual assault and harm
  • Address a lack of documented organisational child protection measures
  • Initiate the launch of next generation  Workplace Health & Safety
  • Decrease organisational risk exposure.

It invites organisations to:

  • Strive to become a child safe organisation.
  • Undertake a comprehensive ChildPlace risk identification process.
  • Incorporate organisation-specific child protection measures into Workplace Health & Safety procedures.
  • Empower individuals in the organisation to recognise and appropriately respond to child harm.

Benefits to organisations include:

  • Contributes to an organisation's 'duty of care'.
  • Contributes to corporate social responsibility and customer and employee engagement.
  • Influences change through management, education and procurement practices.
  • Becomes part of organisational culture, embedded in existing procedures and practices.


What is your organisation's child protection risk profile?

Visit to gain a better understanding of your organisation's child protection risk profile. 


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